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St Paul, MN 55110
United States
P: (651) 429-1100
F: 651-429-1122
Manufacturer of EcoFilm®, EcoWorks®, Eco-Corr®, Eco-Corr® ESD and EcoWrap® families of films. These films range from stock bags and sheeting for organic diversion programs to corrosion-inhibiting films as well as cling, stretch and shrink films. EcoOceanTM for marine applications and disposal methods that promote anaerobic digestion.


Brand SKU Name Category Subcategory Color & Printed/Unprinted
EcoFilm 21208194 Eco Film® 15 gallon gusseted kitchen bag, 1 mil thick, 150 bags/carton Bags Compostable bags -
EcoFilm 21208193 Eco Film® 33 gallon gusseted liner bag, 1 mil thick, 75 bags/carton Bags Compostable bags -
EcoFilm 21208195 Eco Film® 65 gallon gusseted yard bag, 1 mil thick, 50 bags/carton Bags Compostable bags -
EcoWorks ecoworks_bags EcoWorks-brand -color Compostable Bags Bags Compostable bags -
Bio-Cushion Bio-Cushion_Void_Fill Bio-Cushion Void Fill Packaging Airpillows, Loosefill packaging -
EcoWorks ecoWorks EcoWorks® Resin Resins Film resins -