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Cincinnati, OH 45246

Company Description: 

Storopack is a 4th generation family-owned company with global headquarters located in Metzingen, Germany. Storopack is an international company with 62 locations in over 20 different countries. Storopack operates within two divisions: Packaging and Molding. Storopack North America specializes in protective packaging producing customized and flexible packaging materials such as; Air Cushions, Paper Pads, Foam-in-Place packaging, Loose Fill peanuts (recyclable and biodegradable), Pre-Inflated Bubble, Kraft Bubble-Mailers, and Pre-Molded Foam Cushions. Storopack’s mission is to constantly improve the productivity of our customers’ protective packaging process and their clients’ unboxing experiences.

This Company's Products - Manufactured or Licensed

Subcategory: Loosefill packaging
Brand SKU Title Category Subcategory Color Density
Pelaspan Bio Loosefill White Storopack, Inc. – Pelaspan® Bio, density 0.40-0.50 lb/cuft Packaging Loosefill packaging White 0.40-0.50 lb/cuft