Babio Green Technology J.S.C. (BABIO J.S.C.)
32 Hoang Van Thai street, Khuong Mai ward, Thanh Xuan District
Ha Noi,
P: +84(0)913 26 98 93 / +33(0)674 44 82 63
BABIO Green Technology J.S.C., that was established in June 2017, is the first and only enterprise in Vietnam specializing in research, production, and supply of completely environmentally-friendly biodegradable products from green materials, such as starch (rice, potato and corn flours, tapioca ...), cellulose (coffee husk, rice husk, ...). BABIO's establishment is to produce safe biological materials and products up to European standards (Ok Compost Home, Biobased, Seedling -TUV-S1086), Japanese standards (BPI), SGS,... to supply domestic and export markets at competitive prices. BABIO's products meet the criteria of futuristic materials to replace traditional plastics (PE, PP, etc.) with great advantages such as: 1) significantly reducing dependence on fossil carbon (32% to over 80% carbon content); 2) significantly reducing the CO2 emission to 40% when treating waste by incineration method; 3) easily combining them with recycled plastic, stone powder and color granules; 4) easily decomposing them in the soil into organic fertilizers.


Brand SKU Name Category Subcategory Color & Printed/Unprinted Maximum Thickness/Usage
Babio J.S.C. BABIO3B Babio-Bio3B Resins Granulates Uncolored/Unprinted 0.98 g/cm3