Plasto Manufacturing Company
107/2, Kumbalgodu Industrial Estate, Gerupallaya
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 074
P: +91 98450 45501
Plastobag Group was established in 1968, and its subsidiary unit Plasto Manufacturing Company to manufacture all types of plastic bags was incorporated in 2003. Later we transitioned in 2016 into the manufacture of biodegradable products and compostable products made from compostable and biopolymers. The factory is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, with state of the art machineries and follows ISO: 17088 standards in manufacturing various product categories of garbage bags, grocery bags and carry bags catering to various segments and industries. The company is certified by TUV Austria OK compost and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi, India). In its ongoing endeavor to safeguard the consumer interests as well as to ensure no duplicate products are flooded in the market, we had developed a unique dynamic encryption code (QR code) which will provide a unique ID Number for every bag manufactured at the factory. The Dynamic QR code when scanned by an ICPA (Indian Compostable Polymer Association) approved application will provide information on manufacturer name and address, bag ID, date of manufacturing, certificates to manufacture and sale of compostable bags. The certification from BPI will also enhance our product visibility for export outside India.


Brand SKU Name Category Subcategory Color & Printed/Unprinted Maximum Thickness/Usage
Bio-Plastobag Plasto-KOWCB Plasto Compostable Kitchen & Organic Waste Collection Bags Bags Kitchen Waste Bags Uncolored, Printed 62 microns
Bio-Plastobag Plasto-GB Plasto Compostable Grocery Bags Bags Produce Bags Uncolored, Printed 62 microns
Bio-Plastobag Plasto-CB Plasto Compostable Carry Bags Bags Retail Merchandise Bags (Food-Related Use) Uncolored, Printed 62 microns